Pic Nic

Sonoma to us means to live the outdoor life, so one of our favorite thing to do, is a picnic. The Sonoma Valley is so fortunate to have wineries offering their beautiful grounds to share. Just a stone throw from the Inn, we love Buena Vista Winery and Bartholomew Park, which has outstanting views of vineyards. Spending the day out in the vineyard is a joy, make it even more joyful with the bike! To have a full experience we recommend to book at list a 2 night stay, as.

Mountain top tour

Any time we have friends or family, we love to take them to experience one of the most outstanding tour in Sonoma Valley, the Mountain top tour at Kunde Winery. The Winery itself offer well appointed grounds but what will really impresse you and your beloved, is this tour. It goes by reservation only, remember!

Jack London Historic State Park

Take time to visit the Park that the famous wrighter Jack London called home. So inspiring with miles of hikes and historical building..it's a magical place that suf=ggest ancient times, a place of quietness and nature. Please remember there are free guided tours on weekends. Jack London Park is also home of Summer musicals, played by the talented Trasendence Theater Company, it's absolutely to add on your to do list when summertime. www.jacklondonpark.com