vallejoThe Inn is located just one-half block from the Historic Sonoma Plaza. The Plaza is a tree-filled eight-acre park surrounded by shops, restaurants and historical sites, and is the largest town square of its kind in California. At the center of the park sits the picturesque Sonoma City Hall. The City was designed by the Mexican Governor of the period, General Mariano Vallejo. The Sonoma Mission was the northernmost of the Mission system, and the only mission created under Mexican rule.

The City of Sonoma has the added distinction of being the birthplace of the State of California. On June 14, 1846 the Bear Flag Rebellion took place, when a small group of local settlers declared California independent of Mexico. The Republic of California was established, and the hastily designed Bear Flag was raised. It was cityreplaced two months later by the Stars and Stripes, leading to eventual statehood.

Our great location is just walking distance from the original Mission, the Mexican Barracks building, the private home of General Vallejo, and of course, the Plaza. The Plaza is home to many of the finest restaurants in Northern California. The Plaza itself is a great place to sit, relax and have a picnic. The Sebastiani winery, one of the state's oldest, is but a five minute walk. Within a fifteen minute drive are over 40 premium wineries, many of which have gained international recognition for their wines.

The Valley of the Moon, as our beautiful Valley is called, is also home to numerous state and county parks offering fabulous hiking, biking, and horseback riding. The dramatic coast of the Pacific Ocean is but an hour's drive to the West, and the world famous Napa Valley is only a quick 20 minutes drive to the East. San Francisco at only 45 miles distance is less than an hour away. In short, Sonoma and our Inn are central to everything the Bay Area and Wine Country has to offer.